Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bring ur "A" game


If you don't like a challenge ... then this class is not for you.

If you think you can just show up and pass ...think again.

If you are computer illiterate ... hell, just don't bother.

English 111 with Mr. Gasparo can be challenging but in the end it's well worth it so you better bring you "A" game or go home. Mr. Gasparo is not your average teacher, passing out handouts and always reminding the class when assignments are due. If you want the grade then it's your responsibility to get the work done and turned in on the day specified. Being in Gasparo's class also has it's perks. He rarely writes on the board so when he does it;s important. Some of the class assignments are pretty cool, like the class discussions. A lot of teachers don't do that in the classroom anymore. He also offers his students a chance to come in to have one on one time with him to get help with assignments. Being in English 111 taught me a lot of new things because I'm not what you would call computer savvy but now I have a better outlook on how to use the computer. I enjoyed my classmates and at times it really didn't feel like we were doing any classwork. I'm so glad that this class has come to an end but I'll take everything I learn form this class and apply it to the next class hopefully it wont be English 111 again.

Kowanda Phillips
Eng 111-55
Diagnostic Essay
March 22, 2009

Superhero Ability
Looking back, I remember waking up to those Saturday morning cartoons, mimicking what the superheroes did, and imitating their powers. Superheroes are special because of their abilities, Superman could fly and Iron Man had a special protective suit, but if I was given a special power, it would be the ability to control time.

Being able to control time, I could make time move slow, fast or not move at all. I would just get up; go to work, and simply “fast forward” time until it was time for me to get off. At school, if there was something that I did not understand, I would slow time down until I got a better understanding of the topic, so I would not have to stay after class. Then when it time to go home, if my daughter was crying and I could not get any work done; I would “freeze” time until my work was finished. When it was time for me to spend time my daughter; I would “slow down” time, so I could cherish every minute we shared.

Having this ability would give me more time to myself and also give me time to sit back and put things into perspective. It would give me a chance to focus on the important moments in life, and “fast forward” the boring moments.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Fast foward to save America"


With great power comes great responsibility, I know this all too well. My superhero ability allows me to control time and before I only used it at work,to spend more time with family and on special occasions to get out of class. Now I'm going to kick it up a notch, I'm going to speed up time to help America.

The stimulus package is taking too damn long to go in effect and it's causing more families to lose money, employment and homes. So I'm going to take all parties responsible in writing this package and put them in "fast foward mode". I thought of "fast fowarding " to the day it was completed but who knows how much time will be lost waitin on the government.Next I'll take all the families that lost their homes, jobs and money and "rewind time" to give them a look at what went wrong and how to prevent it next time. Maybe I would even save a couple of families from becoming homeless in the first place.The next step is to "slow down" productivity with the sweat shops overseas so America would only buy American and that would increase fair trade, helping america get back on it's feet by opening more jobs for Americans. Maybe Wal- Mart would hire more cashiers to run the registers. When more jobs open up more people would be able to get off of assistance.
It's time for someone to step up and help America. Some Americans need a place to call, a job that allows them to grow not a dead end jobs that forces them to work overtime for little pay while the boss enjoys weekend getaways. Once America gets back on top then maybe I'll help out other countries such as China. I would "freeze" their controling government so that the residents would be able to view what they pleased. It's time to step up and make a change for America. First America ... then the WORLD!